I love to cook. Learning about what people ate, how it was made — and then, trying to make it — is a wonderful experience. Below is a list of posts related to SCA cooking where I have either been the lead chef or helped cooked. I hope you enjoy and that the photos don’t make you too hungry!


A Roman Feast for Celebration/MK50 Year – Saturday, May 25, 2019
A collaborative effort to celebrate the MK 50 year celebration built on dishes from Cato, Apicius, and Columella (Photos coming soon – click here for cookbook!)

A German Feast for 12th Night, January 7, 2017
A 16th Century German feast featuring a splendor of holiday tastes and tradition

Spring Crown Tournament, May 24, 2015
A spring feast designed around the Trinity…using the theme of spring and new (for the new Crown)

Half Century Holiday, May 14, 2011
A luncheon for about 60 people. Held in the afternoon


German Foods a Vigil for Genoveva’s Laurel, March 2015
A fun menu of delicious finger-foods for a very German vigilant!

A&S Research

My published A&S research is available at the link above or by clicking here.