Glass with pencil, ink pen and ruler

I really enjoy teaching scribal arts — especially to those that are new to it! I really believe that everyone can do this — and if you are so inspired, you should try your hand! I am glad to offer my services to teach any of these classes for your event or group gathering. Please contact me if you are interested. If you have taken one of my classes, I have uploaded hand-outs, where possible, below. I’m of the philosophy that you learn by DOING, so many classes I teach are completely hands-on, so there is no hand-out available.

Let’s get together to scribe!

  • Intro to Scribal Arts
    A class for the very beginner and will cover: sources for inspiration, putting together a scribal kit, layout techniques, and basic MK requirements for making court scrolls. If you’ve never tried and want to — this is the class for you! Click here to view handout.
  • Diapering Patterns
    Need a quick period looking pattern to fill the background of an initial cap or illustration? This class is for you. Learn the technique and review use in period of diapered patterns. Class is hands-on, please bring your supplies if you have them available. (This is a completely hands-on class, no online hand-out available, sorry.)
  • Basic Drawing Elements for Scribes and Artisans
    Review some common elements that can be used in many scroll designs. Learn the techniques so simple ANYONE can draw them! Class is hands-on, please bring a pencil and eraser.  (This is a completely hands-on class, no online hand-out available, sorry.)
  • Say What? How to Phrase Scroll Text for Court –
    Have you sat in court listening to the same award words over and over and over? Want to learn how to make your scroll text stand out from the rest? Learn the basics of writing scroll text and how to differentiate your text when given not much more than a recipient’s name! Click here to view handout.
  • Calligraphy 101
    If you’ve never tried and want to — this is the class for you! This is a class for the very beginner and will cover tools, tips and tricks, and have a hands-on practical of one hand that will cover you for most scrolls! NOTE to lefties, I am right handed and can’t offer many bonus tips, but I will a couple of left-handed nibs if you’d like to try them out you are welcome to attend.  (This is a completely hands-on class, no online hand-out available, sorry.)
  • Putting it all together: Layout Basics for Scroll composition
    Now that you have an assignment — how to you place the pieces together to create a visually pleasing scroll? Elements and principles of visual design and composition to create visually pleasing scroll layouts. Click here to view presentation.
  • Scroll Layout: Working Towards Framing
    Basics of choosing a shape and size for your scroll assignment. Covers how to layout the scroll, paper choices, composition, and thoughts on framing.
    Click here for Framing and Click here for Layout
  • Basic Painting and Shading Techniques
    Are your solid colors not so solid? Does shading forms frustrate you? Come learn the basics of getting the most from your materials and develop forms with proper casts of light. Class is hands-on, please your paint and brushes. (This is a completely hands-on class, no online hand-out available, sorry.)

Let’s get cooking together!

  • Medieval Mustard: History and Recipes
    Mustard and mustard sauces were possibly the most common condiment used on the Medieval table. Come learn a short history of mustard, recipes used and how to make your own handmade mustard. This class is will be HANDS ON and you will walk away with some of your own mustard! (A cost for ingredients will probably be set.) Click here for hand-out.
  • SCA Lunch Taverns – 101
    How to plan, manage, and run a successful lunch tavern at an SCA event. Topics will cover menu planning, preparation, and day of operation. Click here for hand-out.
  • Cooking at War: Low-stress, easy meal ideas for camping
    Cooking meals in camp can save money and be convenient for you and your family. Learn about making meal plans, preparation, and packing tips for low-stress and safe camp cooking. Come share your own ideas about cooking in camp. We will welcome round-table discussion on how you make your Pennsic cooking experience easy. Click here for hand-out.