About Me


Hello and well met dear friend!

My name is Hannah Schreiber and you’ve stumbled upon my blog of good food and art! I’m a member of the Society (SCA), a non-profit educational organization which seeks to recreate the Middle Ages and Renaissance. I have been an active member within my local chapter in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2001.  I have affectionately named this blog for my personal heraldic arms — which use a purple and white (“agrent” in Heraldic speak) sun designed to mimic my modern name — thus the “Argent Sun”.

I am drawn to all things art related. I love to create things. Sometimes…I have this “itch” to make stuff. It’s like my hands talk to me and I have to go off and color, or weave, or draw. If you’re an artist like I am…maybe you get that call sometimes, too, no? I also feel that It’s good therapy to create.  It brings me to my happy place and alleviates stress. I hope it maybe does that for you, too!

In addition, I love to cook, which is also certainly a form of art. And it scratches the other itch to make things that are science related. Food science and history have ALWAYS fascinated me. I often think “Who was it that picked up this (piece of fruit, plant, bean or whatever) and decided to eat it!?” I love to research who ate what and when and why. And then, it’s even MORE fun to try to recreate those dishes with what we modernly now have. Food science is great fun. For example, that humans learned that acids or animal rennet would curdle milk to give us cheese — who’da thunk it! I hope you’ll join me for what I call my “unsupervised cooking misadventures,” too!

Thanks for visiting!