A&S Entries

In 2012 I entered my very first A&S completion in the SCA. Entering A&S competitions is quite an interesting experience. I discovered a whole new portion to the SCA community – one that was extremely focused on recreating some of the most amazing things we do as a historical research group. The first time I entered, I was trying to “lead by example” because our Barony was hosting an event that would help those who would like to enter A&S competitions but had little to no experience. Because I was Baroness of the group, I felt that I couldn’t ask others to enter…if I wasn’t entering something myself.  I had taken a class at Pennsic about making mustard several years before this event. And, since that was something that was of interest to me — why not learn more about it!?! I decided to research mustard seed and mustard making — and, it was a great experience. I was glad to enter again in 2013. There was a bit of a gap the years of 2014-2015 where I didn’t enter because of grave personal issues. But, I’m happy to say that I’ve started entering again and having a great time with it again! If you’ve never entered, I highly encourage you to do so — mostly, for yourself. It’s highly rewarding to do projects and be able to talk about them in an educated manner.

Below are the papers for my entries. Unfortunately they are all about food…and since you’re just reviewing them here online, there’s nothing for you to taste. But, I do hope you enjoy the research!

A&S Papers

A Bolognese Torte: An Italian Herb & Cheese Pie (Bolognese Torte A&S 2017)

A Simple Soft Cheese: The Science and Magic of Preserving Fresh Milk in Period (A Simple Cheese A&S 2016)

Flavoring of Mustard in Period  (Mustard and Adds A&S 2013)

A Study of Medieval Mustard as Seed & Sauce (Mustard Seed A&S 2012 )