The Salon…an emergency exercise in finger foods


About two days prior to the Baronial event “St. Cecilia at the Tower, ” I had been chatting with His Excellency when he informed me that, in addition to the other duties he’d have to perform that weekend as our Baronial figurehead, he was planning to have to cook something for a Baronial event that weekend. Having been the former landed Baroness in this same Barony, I said “WHAT. NO!” knowing full well the other duties, responsibilities, and pressure that come with being the Baron and Baroness during an event your group is hosting. There was no way I was going to let this fly. Someone had dropped out at the last moment and was unable to cook. They had been looking for a replacement for a couple of weeks — but didn’t want to pressure the two of us who had, only the week before, helped with Her Excellency’s vigil and elevation. I told him that it would be taken care of and started brainstorming some menu items.

The “Salon” concept at St. Cecilia was to be hosted by the Baron and the Baroness and offered an opportunity for musical performers to present something that was personally challenging for them. These are traditionally designed to amuse, refine tastes, and increase the knowledge of the participants and spectators through conversation. It was approximately one hour long, during the middle of the day, and they expected approximately 50 people to attend. The Baron and Baroness desired finger foods. Nothing that deserved more than a napkin and possibly a toothpick to eat! Our budget was $50-75. Great fun…in my book. I love a challenge…and, to come to the rescue.

Salon2016_124536The menu designed to be quick to make, and in addition, satisfy the need to have period-like foods presented in the best possible manner. Because I was unable to attend the event, it needed to be something that His Excellency could just set up…and not fuss with since they would both be very occupied other places throughout the rest of the day. We also decided NO sweets since there was a fund-raiser bake sale going on and we didn’t want to detract from that.

St. Cecilia at the Tower
Salon Menu – April 30, AS 50

Zucchini mini quiches with basil and onion
Marinated mushrooms
Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almond and drizzled with honey
Wrapped meats:
• Turkey, chive cream cheese, and blanched asparagus
• Roast beef, horseradish cream cheese, and a dill pickle spear
Assorted cheese and grapes


Everything was made on Friday afternoon and early evening and then packaged to plate in the morning. I called in some help with Lady Daye who made up the bacon and dates — since, I know that those require a lot of hand work to complete. (Much appreciated Daye!) Their Excellency’s said they would provide drinks — and we suggested water and lemon keeping it simple. They also brought the paper goods and table cloth. It seemed to go off without a hitch — other than being an emergency planning and preparation exercise. We were told that all the food was gone by the end of the day. People loved the marinated mushrooms – I will have to try that recipe again!


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